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How to Register and View Your Tax Account

• You may view details of your tax account including assessments and bill summaries if you are registered.

• Click on register on the upper right of the screen.  Complete your user name and create a password (requires 7 characters).  You will also need to add a name that you would like displayed on your virtual account and an email address. 

• Click register.  Once registration is complete click on your user name in the upper right hand corner and choose add a new account.

• Select account type PT-Property taxes and your Map Area as the account group.  

• Use the 12 digits after the Map Number of your roll number (including the decimal) and access code from your property tax notice for the roll and access code fields.  Click save account.  (You may add more than one property tax account by choosing save and add another account).


Roll Number - 0831 828 03301010.0000

Account Group - 828

Account Identifier - 03301010.0000

• To view your property tax account place your curser over the online services tab above the Town logo and click on property taxes.

Please Note:

The tax and assessment information on your account may or may not reflect recent decisions due to Minutes of Settlement and/or Omitted/Supplementary assessments issued by MPAC or Notices of Decisions issued by the Assessment Review Board. These adjustments will be processed as they become available to us and we are able to proccess them accordingly.